Monday, June 5, 2017

What's That Smell?

If you recently used rat or mouse poison, and now find yourself whiffing something horrendous from underneath your floor or inner walls, chances are you succeeded in killing the nuisance animal. Now, however, your house smells like death, and you're going to need to cut into the house to remove the dead animal. Well folks, Apex Wildlife Control is here to help!

With our Dead Animal Removal Services, we will locate the dead animal and remove it, assuring that we keep your property sanitized and germ free. You don't want to attract worse critters into your house! Also available, is our odor control and waste removal services. Keep your family healthy and keep the dead animals where they belong--outside!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Moles and the Threat to Your Yard

It's the time of the year when we're all working hard on the ideal garden. One that's bright and colorful, with lush grasses and vegetation. All this time you've spent your hard earned money at local stores, purchasing seed and flowers, and everything seems to be going according to plan, until you wake up one day and your green grass is now turning brown. Further, you see uprooted vegetation and holes littering your yard. Immediately, it's clear you have a mole problem on your hand. 

Unlike other local nuisance wildlife problems, mole activity persists throughout summertime in the Greater Memphis Area. In fact, it remains one of the only active problems, due to the open habitat in which they live. Squirrels, rats, and raccoons, for example, tend to ditch scorching attics in the summer time. Moles, however, don't mind the cool dirt, and thus enjoy the summer weather that is afforded to them. 

Apex Wildlife Control will solve your problem
Moles tend to be found in organically rich soil, which supports their earthworm and grub diet. While tunneling in search of these food sources, they incidentally expose root systems, thus leading them to die as they hang underground, with no foundation to hold to. It's during this period of extensive tunneling, that you may find your vegetation and yard regressing from green to brown. Alas, however, Apex Wildlife Control is here to put it back into great condition. 

Removing and trapping for moles isn't very hard, and can be generally solved with underground mole traps, which are similar to mouse traps. The tough part, however, is the open environment that they inhabit. You may find that you killed all the active moles in your hard, only to come back a few days later and notice more. This is because moles from a neighboring yard moved in. Cats offer longtime mole relief, but persistent trapping is usually the best measure. 

Apex Wildlife Control provided a quality 3-step process to fix this solution. It all starts with a free consultation where our technicians inspect and assess the property and damage. We follow this up with a debriefing, and finally 3 weeks of trapping to finish. If you, or anyone you know, is suffering lawn & garden damage as a result of moles, don't hesitate to call Apex Wildlife Control at 901-598-8555. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Contacting a Wildlife Control Company

Why Apex Wildlife Control:
Whether it’s noises and smells in the attic, walls, and chimney, or predatory killings of livestock—Apex Wildlife Control is your solution. Residential or commercial, as state licensed and insured professionals, we will identify, trap, remove, and seal your property. Our company also offers repair services for any damage. With our warranty, when we remove nuisance wildlife they stay gone! That’s our guarantee.

Apex Wildlife is BBB Approved
Our Mission:
Our mission is to gain the trust of all our customers, both residential and commercial, and provide absolute satisfactory services in the area of wildlife removal and control. Offering the fullest communication and transparency, Apex Wildlife Control will be with you every step of the way, as we fix your problem.

Our belief is that through education and the use of state-of-the-art technology, Apex Wildlife Control will continue to thrive as the Memphis areas #1 wildlife removal experts. We promise to protect your property and families from the hazards of nuisance wildlife, while guaranteeing that all animals will be handled and removed with safe, humane practices. As trappers, we remove nuisance wildlife, often times relocating them to one of our 2 private animal reserves.

Apex Wildlife Control Experts:
You may recognize our wildlife control experts by their trucks and uniform. All our experts are clean shaven, and handle themselves in trustworthy, professional manners. As trained wildlife removal experts, they understand how to hand a variety of wildlife species and the problems they present. Our experts and technicians are prepared, at all times, to service your needs in removing nuisance wildlife or repairing property breaches.  Whatever the size of the job, when you hire Apex Wildlife Control, our experts on the field, and behind the desk, serve you!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Animal Pickup

Lately, many of our customers have been calling in need of domestic animal removal. While Apex Wildlife does offer these services, they can be costly, at your expense. If you live in the City of Memphis, the local government offers these services free of charge. If you, or anyone you know, is in need of dead animal pickup, call 901-636-7995.
While Apex Wildlife does offer these services, they can be costly, at your expense
Similarly, Memphis also offers a number of services for animals such as dogs and cats, at a lesser cost to you. Memphis Animal Service can be reached at 901-636-1416, while the Humane Society at 901-937-3900. Memphis will no longer come and pick an animal, meaning that you will be required to surrender them yourself, in person. Apex Wildlife Control will take care of this step, but at a small charge. Further information and answers can be found here.

Apex Wildlife Control will take care of this step, but at a small charge.
If you have found an injured animal, such as a bird, raccoon, or squirrel, contact your local wildlife rehabilitation group immediately. Do not move the animal, as the mother could be watching from afar. Birds can be placed back inside a nest, contrary to myth that they will be rejected when exposed to human scent. This is false, as birds have very poor smell. The best course of action will be to contact a rehab group to come pick up and rescue to injured animal. There are many such groups in the Greater Memphis area who will pick it up for no charge. Some groups are:

  • Mid South Wild Net: 901-324-3685
  • Sue Almond: 901-649-5751
  • Birds of Prey: 901-685-8827
  • TN Animals: 901-488-0815

As always, Apex Wildlife Control seeks to educate our clients and local residents. It is our belief that animals should be handled humanely, with respect and dignity. For more information about Apex Wildlife Control, visit our website or contact us at 901-598-8555. We will solve your wildlife problem, that is our guarantee.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nuisance Wildlife Forecast

As spring nears its end, household wildlife activity begins to decline. This decline is attributed to rising temperatures, which in turn creates hotter attics. However, as prevalent cold fronts continue to sweep the area, combined with the remainder of the spring season, many people will continue to see activity. For the next few weeks, as result, animals such as raccoons, squirrels, and rats will remain active in attics across the greater Memphis area. Until the infamous Memphis climate begins to heat up,  wildlife such as these will still pose a threat to properties and households in the area. Apex Wildlife Control, in our continuous effort to educate and inform our clients, wishes to keep you updated on what you can do to limit activity during these remaining weeks of spring.

Apex Wildlife Control, in our continuous effort to educate and inform our clients, wishes to keep you updated on what you can do to limit activity during these remaining weeks of spring. 
As always, Apex Wildlife Control must advise that all nuisance wildlife problems be handled with caution and respect towards the animal. It is always best to consult one of our trained technicians before ever attempting a DIY wildlife removal. There are a variety of different methods for removing wildlife, depending on the nuisance species, and there isn't one technique that works for all.
Exclusion is the only way to prevent problems

As such, the best method will always be proper exclusion, which will prevent problems from every occurring. When entry points, such as holes, are plugged, then wildlife won't find its way into your attic. If, however, you have holes in your roof or side panels, no technique will be worth your time without first closing the door. As Charles Harris, CEO of Apex Wildlife, says, "It's like having a fly problem, and keeping the door open. You can't get rid of the flies until you shut the door."

Monday, May 8, 2017

How to Keep Wildlife Outside Your Attic

Do you hear scratching, whining, skittering, or other noises in your attic? Do these noises persist exclusively throughout the day or night? Further, are these noises accompanied by odd smells, stains, or droppings? If any of the aforementioned signs are present, then it's likely you're facing some sort of nuisance wildlife problem. Don't worry, Apex Wildlife Control is here to help.

Apex Wildlife Control wants to help you keep you and your property safe from nuisance wildlife. However, DIY wildlife control is limited, and thus we always recommend at least consulting with a professional. Wildlife of any size or species should always be handled humanely, safely, and with respect for both the animal's, and your own, health. Importantly, some states may require licensing and permission to remove or terminate certain species. 
DIY wildlife control is limited, and thus we always recommend at least consulting with a professional
Signs of Animal Activity
So, you've made it this far, and you're certain that the scratching in your attic isn't a ghost. Looking for these signs may point to the culprit:
  • Nests around the attic, especially near the insulation
  • Urine stains, smells, or droppings 
  • Chewed insulation, electric wiring, and ducts
If you've inspected your attic or crawlspaces, and have found any of these signs, then you can rest assured that you, indeed, have a problem. The extent of the droppings, nests, and further damage may point to the exact species of animal you are dealing with.

As always, Apex Wildlife Control offers a wide range of services, which can be viewed here

Ridding Your Attic of Wildlife
You've heard the hissing, scampering, and crawling, and you've seen the further physical evidence--now what? Now it's time to get dirty and survey the entire property for any entry points, which there definitely will be. Finding the entry-point can be time consuming and lead you into the most dangerous parts of your property, such as roofs, ducts, and chimneys. It is with the most sincerity that Apex Wildlife Control recommends consulting a trained company to perform this exclusion. Apex Wildlife Control has the trained, licensed, and insured professionals to complete any exclusion job. We have the tools and the experience to solve your problem.

Effective exclusion can prevent further incidents

Exclusion is carried out by surveying the area that is being affected by wildlife. If it's an attic, it's likely there's a hole in the roofing, side panel, or walls. Old houses are often times more susceptible to damage from weather, age, and wildlife. Take your time during this exclusion, leave no part of your attic unchecked. 

Once you have found any, and all, possible breaches in your property, it's time to seal out the wildlife. This can be done by sealing the hole with wire, wood, or other barriers. Apex Wildlife Control offers restoration and all these services, performed by trained professionals. 

During this process, it can be normal not to have seen the animal. This is because often times they are outside collecting food and water. Mostly these animals prefer to sleep in the nest they have built in your attic. You will want to seal them while they are outside. If, however, they are present, we at Apex Wildlife Control recommend keeping a safe distance and trapping to remove the unwanted critters. 

Apex Wildlife Control
Apex Wildlife Control continues to provide excellence in nuisance wildlife control to the Mid-South region. In our efforts to provide quality services, we also seek to educate our community on wildlife and the challenges they may pose to your home and property. It is our hope that, through education and the purchasing of our services, we can spread awareness, thus solving your problem. We want you to know that Apex Wildlife Control understands the stress, fear, and anxiety that nuisance wildlife problems create for your family and property. Apex Wildlife Control is here to help.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Nuisance Wildlife: the Threat to Your Property

Nuisance Wildlife, if left unchecked, can cause severe damage to your property. This property damage adds up cumulatively, thus worsening over time. What starts out as mere scratching in your walls, attic, or chimney may turn into a number of issues. Apex Wildlife Control provides education, as well as removal and exclusion. This exclusion service that we offer, ensures that once the animal is removed, no further species will exploit the entry point. 
What starts out as mere scratching in your walls, attic, or chimney may turn into a number of issues

This idea works similar to having a doorway left open, thus allowing insects into your home. Not until you close the door, will the problem be solved. Apex Wildlife Control excels in exclusion services. We won't stop until your property is checked for entry points, and your problem is solved! As previously stated, if left unchecked, nuisance wildlife problems can cause a number of problems to your property. These issues vary and depend on factors such as the species of wildlife, but a few of the most common problems that breaches cause are:

  1. Animal Bites, Poison, and Stings—Wildlife such as snakes, yellow jackets, and bees present a hazard to your health! Often times, our customers have no idea that an entry point has been breached and a colony of poisonous wildlife has moved in. This presents even more problems. Apex Wildlife Control offers a consultation, wherein we will inspect your property for all entry points. 
  2. Disease and Health Problems—Rabies, Histoplasmosis, and Lyme Disease are but a small list of health hazards that nuisance wildlife can carry into your home. When exclusion services are purchased, you can rest easy knowing that disease-carrying animals will not be present.
  3. Fire Hazards—Perhaps the most common issue, unfortunately, is fire hazards that present themselves when animals invade a home. The most common issues center around common rodents, such as mice and rats, that chew through wires. These chewed up wires then present fire hazards that cause 20% of all house fires (Kelly, Jerry III).

Kelly, Jerry III.